The Ultimate Bench Test Materials Kit for International Dentists Pursuing Dental Programs in the United States

The Ultimate Bench Test Materials Kit for International Dentists Pursuing Dental Programs in the United States

Preparing for international dental programs in the United States requires thorough bench testing to assess practical skills and competency. To ensure your success, it's crucial to have the right tools at your disposal. In this blog, we will present the ultimate bench test materials kit for international dentists, covering all the essential items you'll need to excel in your preparations.

Before covering individual items, IDP Dental Store offers three ready-to-go kits, Basic, Standard, and All-Inclusive, to jumpstart your preparation without the hassle. These kit options start at the budget-friendly price of $399.99.

Essential Bench Test Kits


1) Air Compressor:

To practice at home comfortably, it is advisable to invest in an ultra-quiet air compressor. This will provide the necessary compressed air for your handpiece.

2) Portable Dental Turbine:

The portable dental turbine connects the air compressor to your handpiece, ensuring a steady supply of compressed air. Remember to purchase the necessary connector pieces to link the turbine with your compressor effectively.

3) High-Speed Handpiece:

Opt for a 4-hole high-speed handpiece, which is commonly used in dental schools. This instrument is crucial for various procedures and will be an integral part of your bench test preparations.

4) Electric Motor & Contra Angle 1:5 Handpiece

Most dental schools utilize either an air-driven handpiece or an electric handpiece during bench testing. If you acquire an electric motor and handpiece, there is no need to purchase items #1, #2, and #3 mentioned above.

5) Typodonts & Related Accessories:

Most dental schools use either Columbia or Kilgore Nissin or Acadental Typodonts during bench testing. You have the option to choose between authentic original typodonts or affordable generic options that closely resemble the original designs.

6) Replacement Teeth:

To manage costs, you can purchase a combination of original authentic teeth and affordable generic options. Start with affordable teeth for initial preparation and switch to authentic teeth for the final few practices to ensure full comfort and familiarity.

7) Typodont Mounting Pole:

A typodont mounting pole is required to secure the typodont and attach it to a table. This provides stability and allows you to work comfortably during your preparations.

8) Dental Loupes:

Invest in dental loupes with 3.5X magnification, as they are the most preferred option for bench testing. These loupes enhance precision and provide clear visibility, aiding your performance during the examination.

9) Hand Instruments:

Recommended to use hand instruments with hollow design which offers superior grip and increased comfort during extended preparation periods. Here are some essential hand instruments to consider:

10) Carbide Burs:

Carbide burs are crucial for efficient tooth preparations. The following carbide burs are commonly used and recommended:

11) Diamond Burs:

Diamond burs are essential for precise and delicate procedures. Consider including the following diamond burs in your kit:


12) Amalgam Restoration:


13) Composite Restoration

Preparing for international dental programs in the United States requires a well-equipped bench test materials kit. By assembling the items mentioned above, including an ultra-quiet air compressor, portable dental turbine, typodonts, replacement teeth, hand instruments, and various burs, you'll be well-prepared to demonstrate your skills during the examination. Invest in quality materials, practice diligently, and best of luck on your journey to a successful dental career in the United States!

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