Difference between Authentic and Fake Typodonts and Teeth

Difference between Authentic and Fake Typodonts and Teeth

When it comes to bench testing in dental schools, typodonts and replacement teeth are essential tools for students to practice their skills. However, not all typodonts and teeth are created equal. There are authentic and fake versions of both Columbia 860 and Kilgore Nissin 200 typodonts and replacement teeth. Here's how to tell the difference and why it matters.

It's worth noting that while fake typodonts and teeth can be used for practice, it's important not to pay for authentic items and end up with fakes. If you're confident in your hand skills, you can adjust to differences during the actual bench test, but if you're not fully confident, it's recommended to use only authentic typodonts and teeth since many schools place significant weight on bench test results in their selection process. By minimizing variables, you can increase your chances of success on test day.

Columbia 860 Series Typodont:

  • Authentic typodonts should have white probe pieces attached to the top and bottom body of the typodont, which are not present in fake typodonts.
  • The authentic typodont should have the Columbia brand name on the top and bottom surface.
  • Authentic typodonts have two different sizes of screws (slightly larger for molar teeth), while fake typodonts use only one size screw for all teeth.

Kilgore Nissin 200 Series Typodont:

  • Authentic typodonts are heavier and have a slightly different design on the top and bottom body of the typodont.
  • Authentic typodonts have "Nissin" marked on the top and bottom body of the typodont, while fake typodonts don't have any markings.
  • Authentic typodonts also have a product number tag attached on the left upper side of the typodont, although this tag can sometimes come off.

Columbia 860 Series Teeth:

  • Authentic teeth generally have a teeth ID printed or embossed on them, compared to fake teeth that don't have any ID printed or embossed. While there are some instances when authentic teeth were missing ID numbers, the majority of authentic teeth should have the ID printed or embossed on them.
  • Authentic teeth also have a two-step hole for the screw, and the screw holes are much cleaner looking than those in fake teeth. It's important to note that the difference is not always easy to identify in some teeth.


Kilgore Nissin 200 Series Teeth:

  • One obvious difference is that the authentic teeth have a metal thread part for screw inside each tooth, while fake teeth do not.

In conclusion, while it's possible to use fake typodonts and teeth for practice, it's essential to differentiate between authentic and fake versions to avoid paying for the price of the authentic items and receiving fakes. Using authentic typodonts and teeth can help you perform better on the bench test, which can significantly impact your future as a dental professional.


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